Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey all,

I've been playing for quite a while with my buddy kforce after he taught me some cool jumps for cp_gullyways_imp3  in a server one day. Since then, he's been a great sounding board for ideas, and is a ridiculous soldier to boot. Anyways, he's started this new group, TF2 Basics 101, with the same goal I have: to help out the TF2 community!

He's taking a slightly different approach, however; kforce is a great teacher, so he wants to work with people one on one, much like CommFT's mentoring program. However, unlike any other mentor program out there, he is not asking you to commit to playing a league, or donating money. All he wants is a willing student. So if you want some direct teaching from a very good soldier, hit him up.

Steam group:
Kforce's profile:

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