Sunday, April 3, 2011

Resources for practice

Hey all--

I've been asked to post up all the practice maps/servers that I know of, so here goes!

Solo/Offline practice
tr_airshot_v0 :
tr_walkway :

These are must-haves, you can read up on the installation/features on the gamebanana links.

Servers (I will update this list as I learn of more)

MGEMod Dallas - (24-slot)
MGEMod Chicago - (24-slot) 

MGEMod Netherlands -
MGEMod Australia;password dm 
These four servers are purely 1v1, and allow you to practice your prediction, movement, and airshot skills. You'll see a LOT of extremely good players here, as there's usually at least 1 or 2 invite-level players on in the evening.
SOAP TF2DM Chicago - (10-slot) 

DM-mod is tf2, minus anything other than killing. Insta-respawn, teams of 5, class limitations of unlimited scouts, unlimited soldiers, 2 demomen, and 1 sniper. In addition, sniper bodyshots do 0 damage, and jarate is disabled. Very good for simulating actual game scenarios; however, don't get angry if you get killed "unfairly" by groups of people. That's just how it happens.

Hope these help!


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