Thursday, March 31, 2011

Using the Sword N Board Combo Effectively

In today's post, I'm going to be covering one of the less effective, but insanely fun setups for the demoman. It revolves around the chargin' targe, which replaces the sticky launcher, and any variety of melee weapons. Here's a spoiler of what I'm going to show you how to do, without any extra equipment:
The creator of the video credits his insane turning ability to an Xbox360 controller, and while that is one way to perform these techniques, it's not the easiest. Another method is to have an insanely powerful computer that can run TF2 at over 240FPS. However, neither of these are too practical for the average gamer, so I'll give you guys a great workaround. Without further ado, I present to you the Charge turn script!

cl_yawspeed -350
alias "+charge" "+attack2; bind a +right; bind d +left"
alias "-charge" " -attack2; bind a +moveleft; bind d +moveright; -left; -right"
alias chargetoggle "usecharge"
alias usecharge "bind mouse2 +charge; alias chargetoggle useattack"
alias useattack "bind mouse2 +attack2; alias chargetoggle usecharge"
bind rctrl "chargetoggle" 

Put this in a .cfg file in your TF2 cfg directory (see my previous post, here for info on that) and execute it through the console ("exec <filename>.cfg") whenever you want to go sword n board. This setup works best if you're using a sword or axe for your melee, as you can take full advantage of the critical strike that comes at the end of your charge.
A quick rundown on how the script works:
When you press the right control button (you can change this to whatever you'd like, just change "rctrl" in that last line to another key) your character will speed forward, and you can change his direction by holding the a and d keys.

Understand that many players consider this an exploit, even though there are several workarounds (such as those mentioned at the start of the post) that don't require scripting. Use at your own risk. For competitive players, I believe the script is currently banned in all leagues, though this may change in the immediate future.


  1. great info, wish I had a rig that could run that at 240fps!

  2. pwnt, nice buster sword mod too.

  3. Neat trick. And you gotta love the buster sword.

  4. Wow that looks kinda fun :P I guess it's kinda begging for a ban though.

  5. I love tf2, looks like you have some good tips.. Keep up the good work!

  6. Sweet man. I play tf2 as well come find me on servers.

  7. TF2 is alot of fun! Was there always blood spewing out from chopping their head off with the sword? I dont remember.


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